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Article: The Best Pink Halloween Party Themes

Best Pink Halloween Party Themes by Momo Party

The Best Pink Halloween Party Themes

Halloween is no doubt one of our favorite holidays at Momo Party and we can’t help but “pre-game” all the fun Halloween hunting & planning early this year! While a classic orange and black look is typically the go-to colors for Halloween, a pink Halloween with a touch of feminine charm has been taking the trend the past few years. Today, we’re going to share some of the best pink Halloween party themes that will are scarily cute and hauntingly boo-tiful!Momo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Decoration-IdeasMomo-Party-Pastel Halloween_Pink Halloween Party Supplies and DecorationsHey Pumpkin

Pumpkins are probably the most iconic element when it comes to Halloween. To add the sweet touch to your Halloween bash, embrace the pink theme by incorporating pink pumpkin decorations at your party. For this “Hey Pumpkin” party look, we chose the color combination of pastel pink, blush, orange with a touch of black to create a not-so-spooky Halloween balloon garland as the backdrop. With the addition of this cute Halloween Pumpkin foil balloon and these fun balloon animal pumpkins in boho colors, it creates such a sweet and chic vibe!Momo Party Pink Halloween Hey Pumpkin Party BoxMomo-Party-Pink Halloween_Hey-Pumpkin-Box with Pumpkin Foil BalloonMomo-Party-Pink Halloween_Hey-Pumpkin-Boho Pumpkin Balloon AnimalsMomo-Party-Halloween-Hey Pumpkin Party Box_ Pink Halloween Collection

A pink girly Halloween party table featuring Momo Party's orange and pink striped pumpkin shaped plates layered on 10" black large plates, groovy Halloween checkered napkins with Halloween character designs including skulls, pumpkins, bats, spiders ghosts and googly eyes, with honeycomb pumpkins around and festive confetti in orange and pink colors, this makes a great inspiration for a not-so-scary kid-friendly Halloween party tablescape.

For the table, use these groovy Halloween pumpkin plates, napkins and cups in fun pattern of stripes and checkerboard in pink and orange and accentuate the table with this Hey Boo pink and orange confetti. For the centerpiece, add a fall floral arrangement in coordinating colors and these adorable pink and peach honeycomb pumpkins. Lastly, dress the table with this fun pastel Halloween crepe paper streamer with iridescent accent for a touch of glamour. A whimsical pink Halloween table is now ready to go!Momo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Hey-Pumpkin-Box_tableware and Pumpkin HoneycombsMomo-Party-Pink Halloween-Party_Hey-Pumpkin-Groovy Halloween NapkinsFor the desserts and treats, you can simply decorate some store-bought cupcakes or cakes with these Happy Halloween Cupcake Kit that comes in with different Halloween character toppers including ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and bats. We got a little creative and topped the cake with this adorable honeycomb pumpkin and spider from this Halloween Honeycomb kit. Love how it speaks to the cute “Hey Pumpkin” theme!Momo-Party-Pink Halloween-Party_Hey-Pumpkin-Box_table-with-pumpkin_cake

Get ready for an amazing Halloween bash that your kids will surely love! Explore our "Hey Pumpkin Halloween Party Ideas" featuring adorable, pumpkin-themed party décor that will ignite fun and creativity in every corner. Perfect for a fantastical, memorable kids' Halloween party. Get inspired, and make this Halloween unforgettable.


Trick or Treat

 Trick or treat. Be so sweet. Give me something good to eat! A trick-or-treat pink Halloween bash will be a hit with the little ghouls! Create a simple yet festive backdrop with these fun balloon animals in adorable colors of coral, rose, orange, blush and pastel pink. Curl, twist, mix and match different lengths to create a whimsical and playful look. Attach small Halloween honeycomb decorations from this kit or some air-filled foil balloons like this bat balloon, ghost balloon or spider balloon to the end of the balloons for extra Halloween accents. For some frightful fun, decorate your table, wall or a candy bar with this cute pre-strung bat garland that adds a festive touch to your party without being too scary. Lastly, this adorable trick or treat party pennant will be a perfect addition to your guests’ Halloween costume photo opportunity!Momo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Trick or Treat-Modeling Balloon BackdropMomo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Trick or Treat-Modeling Balloon Backdrop with Bat Foil BalloonMomo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Trick or Treat-Modelling Balloon Backdrop with Trick or Treat Party PennantMomo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Trick or Treat-Pumpkin CakeCreepin’ it Real

Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout… Create a giant spider web for a wow factor at your pink Halloween bash with these fun modeling balloons. Hang these adorable spider balloons from the ceiling or attach them to the wall. Set your party table with these cute Halloween icon dinner plates, pumpkin shaped napkins and these fun honeycomb cups and scatter some spider confetti for a boo-tastic time!Momo-Party-Pink Halloween-Creepin’ it Real_Spider Web and Spider BalloonsMomo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Creepin in real Party Table DecorationMomo-Party-Pink Halloween Party_Creepin in real Halloween Honeycomb Party Cups and Bat GarlandGhoul Gang

A ghost themed “Ghoul Gang” Pink Halloween party will be so cute for your little girl and her gal pals! Hang this “Ghoul Gang” ghost shaped banners on the wall or along the ceiling to set a spooky cute scene for a sweet pink halloween gathering. Set an adorable pink Halloween tablescape with these ghost themed tableware including this girly ghost plate with a cute party hat on her and this set of ghost to-go cups for a fun trick or treat candy hunt at night. Hang this “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun” canvas flag at your front porch or this cute Ghoul Gang Spooky Felt Banner at your girl’s playroom to add some spooky whimsy to your Halloween this year!Momo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Party-Decoration-IdeasMomo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Ghoul-Gang-Ghost-BannersMomo-Party-Ghoul-Gang-Pink-Halloween-Party-Table-Decoration-IdeasMomo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Ghoul Gang TablescapeMomo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Boo-Basket-Party-IdeasFor a fun pink Halloween party activity, prepare this adorable Hey Pumpkin Bingo Game for the ghouls at the party. They're sure to get into the spooky spirit when the call out "HAUNT!" when they win!Momo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Party-Girls-Playing-Bingo-GameMomo-Party-Pink-Halloween-Party-Acticity-Ideas-Bingo-GameHocus Pocus

It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus! Create a faboo-lous look for your Halloween party with all things witches but in pink! Set a fa-boo-lous scene with some witch themed balloon with pink accent like this witch hat balloon, black cat balloon and the pink haunted mansion standing balloon. Or hang this felt Hocus Pocus garland at your mantel decorated with pink honeycomb pumpkins for some photo opportunities. For the table, use these pink witch shaped plates for a chic vibe. Along with these trick or treat napkins, a stylish pink Halloween tablescape your is ready for your witches! Prepare some witch hats and Hocus Pocus Temporary Tattoos for some dress-up fun for the little witches and let the Halloween fun brew!Momo Party Hocus Pocus Pink Halloween Party Felt Banner Mantle DecorationMomo-Party_Pink Pastel Halloween_Hocus Pocus_Boho Witch Groovy-Spooky Halloween TableMomo Party Pink Halloween-Hocus-Pocus-Witch-Balloons-with-GirlsMomo Party Pink Halloween-Hocus-Pocus-Temporary-Tattoos-Girl-Holding-Halloween-Bat-CupMomo Party Pink Halloween-Hocus Pocus Black-Cat-foil-balloonOne Groovy Ghoul

A boho themed pink Halloween party is so on-trend right now. If your little girl's birthday is around Halloween, a “One Groovy Ghoul” pink Halloween birthday party will be so perfect for your little ghoul! Incorporate boho elements like these sunny ghost shaped plates, pink and orange checkered plates, daisy flower balloons for a fabulous 60s psychedelic vibe. Yay to a groovy Halloween!Momo Party and Solizaevents Groovy Halloween Party Set up with Pastel Balloon garland, witch hats at the back of the seats for kid's table with a range of orange and pink cute groovy Halloween themed party supplies and tableware. Perfect for a kid's friendly Halloween bash this spooky season!

Momo Party & Soliza Events Groovy Halloween Tablescape featuring ghost shaped plates and orange and pink checkered plates from
Momo Party and Soliza Events Groovy Halloween Buttercream Cake in orange and pink color with daisy and boho rainbow design, perfect for a kid's friendly Halloween party.
Momo Party & Soliza Events Groovy Halloween Party Favor Wall decorated with pastel balloon garland with a ghost with daisy shaped sunglasses board next to it. Makes it a perfect inspo for kid's Halloween party decoration.
Momo Party Soliza Events Kid's Groovy Halloween Party with Bouncy House and Kid's dressed up in retro hippie outfits and tie-shirt, with a pastel balloon garland decoration on the bouncy house, makes it a perfect inspo for kid's Halloween themed party idea!
Momo-Party_Pink Pastel Halloween Party_One Groovy Ghoul_Sunny Party Tables Set upMomo-Party_Pink Pastel Halloween Party_One Groovy Ghoul_Table DecorationMomo-Party_Pink Pastel Halloween Party_One Groovy Ghoul_Sunny Ghost Plates_TablescapeMomo-Party-Groovy-Halloween-Plates-and-NapkinsMomo-Party-Groovy-Halloween-Party-Cups


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