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Article: Simple Halloween Coffin Cake Recipe

Simple Halloween Coffin Cake Recipe
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Simple Halloween Coffin Cake Recipe

If you’ve read our recent Halloween Drive-by Boo-thday Bash blog post, you’ve probably remember the Halloween coffin chocolate cake that I made for my son’s birthday. Today, I’m excited to share the DIY steps for this simple yet awesome cake that you can make easily at home for your Halloween celebration! Materials: 

  • Chocolate cake mix 
  • Coffin cake mold
  • Butter 
  • Chocolate Oreo
  • Milk 
  • Eggs
  • Mini skeleton


Step 1: use the coffin cake mold to make your cake based on the instructions on the cake mix. Since the mold that I used was on the smaller side, I used only half portion of the cake mix so I used half of the materials mentioned in the instruction on the box. 

Note: I substituted vegetable oil with butter and water with milk for better taste but that was totally a personal preference :) 

Step 2: separate the chocolate cream from the OreosStep 3: crush the Oreos cookies to make the ‘dirt’ for the graveyard. You can use a food processor or a blender to get fine crumbs.Step 4: cover your cake board with the chocolate cream form Oreos that’s separated. This will be the ‘soil’ Step 5: cover the chocolate cream with the cookie crumbs 

Step 6: once your chocolate cake is ready, place it in the middle and cut the mini skeleton into bone pieces to decorate your cake. And it’s ready to serve! 

Note: the bone pieces will be for decorations only. If you have smaller kids at home, please consider not including these decorations for safety concerns. 

I hope you like this recipe! Don’t forget to check out our Halloween Collection for the matching tableware and decorations for extra fun!  



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