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Article: Top 10 Popular Party Themes for Your Kid's 10th Birthday

Kid's Cool Dude Party Set Up_Ten Rad Years 10th Birthday Party Ideas_by Momo Party
10 years old

Top 10 Popular Party Themes for Your Kid's 10th Birthday

When your little one reaches double digits, it's time to ramp up the festivities! Turning ten is a major milestone, and what better way to mark the occasion than with an epic birthday bash? If you're on the hunt for some awesome inspiration to make their special day unforgettable, you're in the right place! Check out our top 10 super fun and totally unique birthday party themes guaranteed to put a smile on your birthday boy or girl’s face. Let's dive right in!The Most Popular Birthday Party Themes for a ten-years-old kid by Momo Party

1. TEN Rad Years

Ready to throw the ultimate bash for your cool dude? A “Ten Rad Years” themed party that features funky patterns, bold colors and checkered pattern is perfect for your little rad kiddo. Inspired by Vans, the skateboard brand, this theme calls for the classic colors of black, white and yellow which represents the classic checker pattern and the laid-back Californian dude with a smiley face. Decorate your event space with this festive balloon garland that’s adorned with this rad smiley face balloon. And set the table with these checkered board plates, cups, and straws, with these funky bold smiley face plates, a super rad bash is ready for your cool crew!Momo-Party_Cool-Dude-Ten Rad Years_10th Birthday-Party Ideas_Backdrop SetupMomo-Party_Cool-Dude-Birthday-Party_Decoration_10-rad-years_Kid's 10th Birthday Party Double Digit Birthday Party decorating ideas

Momo-Party_Cool-Dude-Ten Rad Years_10th Birthday-Party Ideas_Checkered Number Balloons Close up
Kid's-Cool-Dude-Party-_Balloon-Backdrop-&-Tableware_One-Happy-Dude-First-Birthday-Party-Ideas_Ten-Rad-Years-10th-Birthday-Party-Ideas_by-Momo-PartyKid's-Cool-Dude-Party-_Dessert-Table-Set-up_One-Happy-Dude-First-Birthday-Party-Ideas_Ten-Rad-Years-10th-Birthday-Party-Ideas_by-Momo-PartyCool-Dude-Balloon-Garland-Decoration_One-Happy-Dude-First-Birthday-Party-Ideas_Ten-Rad-Years-10th-Birthday-Party-Ideas_by-Momo-PartyMomo-Party_Cool-Dude-Ten Rad Years_10th Birthday-Party Ideas_TablewaresKid's-Cool-Dude-Party-Decoraitons_Balloons-Garland-&-Banner_One-Happy-Dude-First-Birthday-Party-Ideas_Ten-Rad-Years-10th-Birthday-Party-Ideas_by-Momo-PartyKid's-Cool-Dude-Party_Party-Favor-Dessert-Table_One-Happy-Dude-First-Birthday-Party-Ideas_Ten-Rad-Years-10th-Birthday-Party-Ideas_by-Momo-PartyMomo-Party_Cool-Dude-Ten Rad Years_10th Birthday-Party Ideas_Snacks and Treats

2. Level TEN

Level up to double digits with an epic video game themed birthday bash for your little gamer. Whether your little one is a fan of Minecraft, Fortnite or Roblox, decorate the room with our balloon garland in the classic gaming colors of black, green and white and set the scene with this “Level Up” game controller shaped foil balloon. Leveling up your food game with these video game plates, napkins, cups and Gameboy shaped snack boxes to keep your little gamer fueled for a fun gaming session. Game on to celebrate a decade of awesome adventures!Kid_s-Video-Game-Party-Table-Decoration_Momo-Party_bf7a44b2-2140-4034-9771-a06bc2a455e1_480x480.jpg?v=1714105645" alt="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-src="

3. TEN Groovy Years

Get ready to groove and celebrate your ten-year-old’s big day with a retro-inspired soirée. Transport your guests to the '60s and ’70 with psychedelic decorations, peace and love themed tableware and balloons from our Groovy Vibes Collection. Have fun activities for your crew including tie-dye T-shirt making, funky dance-offs or just dive into classic games like Twister and Simon Says. It’s all about spreading peace, love, and good vibes at this groovy celebration!Momo-Party_Ten Groovy Years_10th-Birthday-Party_ Decorating Ideas with Party PennantMomo-Party_Groovy-Vibes_10th-Birthday-Party_Ideas Tableware_Smiley plates-with-sunglassMomo-Party_Retro Groovy-Vibes Birthday-Party_for Ten Year Old Tableware-Top-View

4. In My Birthday Era: Taylor Swift Party

Have a Swiftie at the house? Get ready to shake it off at your 10-year-old’s big day with a Taylor Swift-themed birthday extravaganza! Roll out the red carpet and decorate the wall with this balloon cloud adorned with disco ball and lilac starburst foil balloons as a superstar photo booth. Set the table with these silver checkered plates, musical note napkins and cups and serve up some "Shake It Off" cupcakes, "Style" snacks, and "Bad Blood" fruit punch. Lastly, prepare these amazing Taylor Swift Era’s Tour temporary tattoos for the little pop princesses!Girls' 10th Birthday Party Themes_Taylor Swift Inspired Party Ideas_by Momo PartyKid's 10th Birthday Party Theme Music Rock Star TikTok-Party-Party-Musical-Note-Napkins-Paper-Plates_Momo-PartyMusic Themed-Party-Party-Cups_Momo-Party

5. Sleepover Party

A slumber party is perfect for celebrate your girl’s 10th birthday. Set up cozy sleeping areas with plenty of blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags for her guests to get comfy. Decorate the area with this adorable Sweet Dreams Garland Set. Set up a popcorn bar for movie time and serve some late night snacks with these Sweet Dreams tableware. Get crafty with friendship bracelet making or nail polish stations with these nail stickers, and cap off the night with a pillow fight or dance party. It's sure to be a sleepover to remember!Kid's slumber-party_Sleepover Party Ideas_Momo PartyKid's slumber-party_Decorating Ideas_Momo PartyKid's slumber-party_Sweet-Dreams-Collection_Momo Party

6. Sport Party

Score big at your kiddo’s first double digits bash with a sport themed party that they love! From soccer to basketball, football to baseball, transform the party space into a mini sports arena with banners, pennants, and jerseys. Set up activity stations where your little champ and their guests can test their skills. Serve up sports-themed snacks in these Good Sports baking cups and toppers with matching napkins and plates. It’s game on for a celebration that's sure to be a winner!Sport-themed-Party-Table_Balloon-GarlandSport-themed-Party-TableGood-Sport-Collection_Party-Table

7. Roller Disco Party

Let’s roll baby! A roller skate disco party for your ten-year-old guarantees a fun time! Decorate the venue into a vibrant disco wonderland with this colorful roller skate or disco ball balloon from our Good Vibes Collection. Fuel up with classic roller rink snacks like hot dogs and nachos on these happy retro inspired plates, and pair them with these groovy napkins and party cups. Set up a photo booth with disco-themed props like afro wigs, oversized sunglasses, and sequined hats for some unforgettable snapshots!Pink-Roller-Skate-Shaped-Foil-Mylar-Balloon_honeycomb_kidHappy-Faces-Icons-Collection_Honeycomb-Cups_Momo-Party

8. Movie Night

Get ready for a blockbuster night at your kid’s movie night 10th birthday party! Transform the backyard or living room into a cozy cinema with blankets, pillows, and string lights for ambiance. Set the scene with this Airloonz Black and gold Star foil balloon. Set up a DIY popcorn bar with this popcorn foil balloon and prepare assorted toppings like caramel, cheese, and chocolate drizzle for guests to customize their snacks. Don't forget to provide plenty of candy, soda, and movie themed treats. It's showtime for a night of movie magic and fun with friends!Red Carpet Oscar Movie Night Decoration Set up by Momo Party

9. Pool Party

A pool party is perfect for your summer-born 10-year-old. Transform the backyard into a tropical oasis with fun tropical foil balloons like palm trees, beach balls, and colorful sunglasses. Set up a DJ booth or speakers to keep the party rocking with upbeat tunes. Create a DIY ice cream sundae bar with these ice cream bowls or serve up refreshing fruit skewers and popsicles on these beach plates to keep everyone cool and satisfied. It will surely be a splashtastic celebration!Summer-Party_Picnic_Beach-Vibes-Large-PlatesPool Party_Sandae Bar Set up by Momo Party

10. Magical TEN

Host a magic themed party for your kid’s magical ten bash! Hire a magician or host a DIY magic show where the little magicians can learn simple tricks and illusions. Set up a wand-making station where kids can create their own magical tools to take home. Serve up enchanting treats and "spellbinding" cupcakes on these magic themed tableware. Don't forget to send guests home with goody bags filled with decks of cards, disappearing ink pens, and other magical surprises!Magic Themed Party Decorating Set up_Momo PartyMagic-Cupcake-Kit_with-magic-hat_Momo Party

We hope you like today's post! Don't forget to check out these unique themes for an epic 10th birthday party celebration for your ten-years-old. Until next time!


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