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Article: Personalized Foil Balloon Ideas

Mother's-Day-Personalized_Foil balloon_DIY Steps_by Momo Party_Blog Post

Personalized Foil Balloon Ideas

Balloons bring so much joy to life! Whether it’s for the little one’s birthday party or a special occasion, where there are balloons, there is happiness!  

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we created this simply yet sweet foil balloon for our friend who was celebrating her first Mother’s Day after giving birth to a baby girl a few months ago. We hand-wrote the balloon and decorate it with some beautiful tassels from this tassel set. Mother's-day_Celebration Ideas Heart-foil-balloon hand-written DIY by Momo PartyToday, we’re excited to share a simple DIY project to personalize your balloon and make it extra special!


  • Shaped foil balloon. Choose yours here!
  • Sharpie oil base paint markers, medium point. We used the white one for our pink foil balloon but you can choose the color based on the color of your balloon  
  • Helium tank or balloon hand pump 
  • Tassel  
  • Balloon ribbon & weight 
  • Pencil & paper for sketches 


Step 1: inflate the balloons with helium for it to float. For air-filled, you can use a hand pump too. 

Step 2: sketch your message on a paper before writing it on the balloonMother's-Day-Personalized_Foil balloon_Hand Written DIY Steps_by Momo PartyStep 3: write your message on the balloon. You may have to scale up or down based on the balloon size. Trace to make some strokes thicker if neededMother's-Day-Personalized_Foil balloon_letter writing_by Momo PartyMother's-Day-Personalized_Foil balloon_by Momo PartyStep 4: tie the balloon with ribbons and weight

Step 5: attach 3-4 tassels to the ribbon to give it a stunning look!Mother's-Day-Personalized_Foil balloon_with letter written by Momo Party

Voilà! You’re ready to celebrate!

Hope you like today’s post. Until next time! 


Tai & Yao

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