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Article: Back to School Party Ideas

Momo party_Back to school party table set up idea with letter board, balloon garland, Apple honeycomb decoration, School bus toy, Cupcakes, Stripe paper plates, cups, Oh happy day cherry plate and cookies

Back to School Party Ideas

My son is finally going to Kindergarten this year! How exciting! Even though 2020 has been such a crazy year, I wanted to make sure that we mark this important milestone for him and start a new family tradition to celebrate First Day of School every year! 

Back to school party may be at a smaller scale due now to the situations this year but it can still be sweet and memorable! Today, I’m excited to share these cute back to school party ideas that Yao and I came up with. These ideas and tips are super easy to execute and set up at home. You don’t want to miss them!Ideas for Kids Back to school party at home by Momo PartyDecorations

Inspired by the elements of school supplies, we went with the main color scheme of green, yellow, and red but gave it some little modern twist by using the pastel colors of mint, light pink, light yellow and coral for the party. We love how these colors bring the cute vibes to young kid’s back to school party table! We created an adorable balloon garland with and incorporated this cute back to school globe foil balloon as a simple backdrop.Kids Back-to-School_Party Ideas and Inspirations by Momo Party

Momo Party Back-to-School Party with Globe foil balloon, Balloon garland, modern paper platesBack to School Party Photo Backdrop Globe Foil Balloon_by Momo PartyWe also added these cute honeycomb decorations of apple and pencil to decorate around the mini party table. These honeycomb decorations are super easy to set up. Simply hang them or tape them anyway you’d like to create a wow effect!

Back to School party dessert table with Devra Party 7" Honeycomb AppleBack to school home party dessert table with Party plates, cookies, cupcakes, and Devra Party 7" Honeycomb AppleBack to School First Day of School Party Table Activities of Boy playing Apple homecombBack-to-School_Party Honeycomb-Pencil_Decoration by Momo Party



For the tabletops, inspired by notebooks and apples prepared for the first day of school, we used these adorable striped aqua plates and cups. We layered them with these round cherry red plates and topped with these leaf napkins, and ta-da! You’ve got some apples on the table! How cute are they?!First Day of School Back-to-School Party_Tablescape Ideas by Momo PartyBack to School First Day of School Party Table Ideas by Momo PartySnacks and Sweets 

Since it was a for mini at-home party, we prepared some simple cupcakes vs. a cake. If you’re setting up the celebration for breakfast, waffles or pancake are also great ideas for the little ones! 

We also had the pleasure to work with our favorite local cookie girl, Lilly from @lillyssugarcrumbs. She created these ah-mazing back-to-school themed sugar cookies in the shape of pencil, apple, notebook, ruler, etc. Oh boy, aren't they so stinking cute? My little one absolutely love them! First Day of School Ideas Back to School Party Sugar Cookies by Momo PartyFirst Day of School Back to School Cookies_Party Ideas by Momo PartyBoy seating on a desk with paper plates, ruler shaped cookie, drinking milk in a modern stripe cups at a Back-to-School Home partyChild eating Back to shcool themed Globe cookie seating in a dessert table at his Back to school Home party

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, don’t forget to check her out for your next celebration! 

Balloon Animal Activity  

Kids love balloons so why not make these cute apple balloon animals with them to celebrate their first day of school? Grab this easy apple balloon animal kit with a balloon hand pump and have a fun and mess-free activity with your little one! Check out the simple video tutorial here.Back-to-school-Craft Activity Apple-Balloon-Animal-Latex-BalloonsBack-to-school-Apple-Balloon-Animal-Latex-Balloons_Styled-with-confettiBonus Decoration Ideas: First Day of School Photo Shoot 

If you have a Cricut at home, you can also decorate your wall with wall decals and create a fun backdrop for first day of school photoshoot! Like the honeycomb pencil decoration that we glued on the wall. You can create your little one’s name or any personalized messages!Kids First Day of School Decoraiton Ideas Cricut Machine Backdrop by Momo PartyGrade Latex Balloons. Pick from one of these unique latex balloons based on your child’s grade this year. These balloons are great to mark their school milestones and are perfect for their first day of school photos!Grade-Latex-Balloons for First Day of School Photoshoot Ideas_by Momo Party

We hope you love these ideas! Don't forget to check out our Back To School Collection for all the themed party supplies!

Until next time!



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