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Article: Stunning Balloon Cloud Step-by-step Tutorial

Dark Space Balloon Garland tutiroal

Stunning Balloon Cloud Step-by-step Tutorial

Surely you’ve seen those beautiful balloon clouds on the Pinterest boards and you probably thought you’d need to hire a party planner to do it. Guess what? It’s actually quite easy to put together yourself and is so much fun! With our step-by-step balloon cloud tutorial, you can re-create this stunning look yourself, easily!


DIY Balloon Cloud Materials
11” balloons & 5” balloons in various colors
Hand pump 
Fishing Line

We hope this video encourages you to give it a try at your next celebration. The best thing we like about creating a balloon cloud is that since it’s the organic look that we’re after, you don’t need follow any sort of pattern when building it. So don’t be intimidated! Just keep going and you’ll have an amazing cloud of balloons! 

The balloons last for a few days. However, for the best look, we suggest you prepare the balloon cloud the day before the party. Just be ready to receive lots of compliments from your guests at the party! 😉

Happy party!

Tai & Yao

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