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You might have spotted the festive long balloon backdrop in our newest Trick or Treat Halloween Box. Its playful and whimsical design is ideal for children's celebrations. Today, get ready for a dose of DIY magic as we show you how to whip up this playful backdrop at home. And believe us, it's as simple as 1-2-3!Momo Party's Trick or Treat Pink Halloween box set up featuring a festive long balloon backdrop with curling long balloons in coral, pink, rose and peach colors. On the balloon backdrop it's decorated with paper pumpkin honeycombs and a mini bat foil balloon. In front of the balloons, a small round table is filled with Halloween party supplies including pumpkin shaped plates, a bat garland, ghost and pumpkin honeycomb decorations from

Long Balloon Backdrop Materials

  • Long balloons in various colors
  • Hand pump 
  • Twine
  • Scissors 
  • Clamps (optional)


  1. Use our double-action hand pump to inflate the long balloons. Before inflating, give your balloon a quick stretch so it’s easier to inflate. Avoid over-inflating to prevent popping.

    Long Balloon Decoration DIY tutorial by Momo Party step 1, inflating the balloon.
  2. To make a shorter balloon, don’t inflate the balloon to full length; tie a knot and cut the unused end. Or you can just leave the tail uninflated.Momo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions Tie a knotMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions Cut the excessive part of the balloon
  3. To create a fun curl, secure the end of the balloon to a pole with a clamp and wrap the balloon around the pole. Then inflate the balloon until it’s full. Lastly, undo the clamp and let out a bit of air from the opening of the balloon before tying a knot.

    Momo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions. Curl the balloon and tie the balloon on a pole with a clamp. Momo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions Inflating the long balloon on the poleMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions_continue to inflate the long balloon on the poleMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions Continue to inflate the balloon you'd see the balloon curled.Momo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions Balloon curled upMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-InstructionsMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-InstructionsMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions Momo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-InstructionsMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions
  4. If you don’t have a clamp or a pole handy for the curl, you can always ask another person to secure the end of the balloon to a broom stick as you inflate. In this case, we used another balloon pump as the support. 
  5. Tie balloons in pairs with knots. Mix and match the length and color for an organic look.
  6. Hang the paired balloons along the twine, and feel free to add other decorations like mini air-filled balloons, or honeycomb decorations for an extra dose of fun.Momo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions_Air-filled mini foil balloon for decorationsMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions_inserting pumpkin honeycombsMomo-Party-Balloon-Animal-Backdrop-Instructions_inserting pumpkin honeycombs
  7. Voila! You've created a playful long balloon backdrop

Helpful Tips

  • A long balloon backdrop will only last a couple of days, so we suggest making it the day before the party for the best look.
  • Don’t worry if the curl isn’t perfect. Sometimes it makes the shape more fun and organic!


Warning: Children under 8 years old can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.




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