Cactus Balloon Decoration DIY

In the cactus fiesta party that we put together, we made some fun cactus shaped balloons as decoration. Today we’re going to share the tutorial on how make this super simple and fun balloon decoration! Cactus Fiesta Party Box by Momo Party



Step 1: inflate the balloons with the hand pump. Knot each of them with a tie 

Step 2: stack the balloons like a cactus shape and attach them together with double sided tapes or glue dots 

Step 3: draw the ‘spikes’ with a SharpieDIY Fiesta Cactus Balloon Decoration TutorialFiesta Cactus Balloon Decoration DIY Step 4

Step 4: attach the cactus to the nursery pot with double sides tapes or glue dots 

Step 5: Voilà! This cute cactus balloon is ready to be displayed as part of your party decorations! Fiesta Cactus Balloon Decoration DIY Step 5Fiesta Cactus Balloon Decoration DIY Finishing Project

Don’t forget to check out our Fiesta Collection for all the other matching party goods for a fun and stylish fiesta! 

Until next time! 


Tai & Yao




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