Halloween Spider Web Deco Bubble Balloon


Add the spooky factor to your Halloween party with this spider web deco bubble! Clear with spider webs. This deco bubble does not have self-sealing valves to seal the balloon. Simply twist and wrap ribbon around the stem to hold in air/helium.

This Deco Bubble Balloon is made of stretchy plastic that also can use for protecting and displaying latex balloons, preventing oxidation and making them last longer. They inflate fully round, wrinkle free, and have a beach ball appearance, creating an amazing 3D effect from every angle. 

  • Size: 24 inches
  • Balloon arrives uninflated. To fill with helium use a personal helium tank or fill at your local grocery store. To product wildlife, please DO NOT release your helium balloons. Please do not use balloon shine or hi float with bubbles.

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