Celebrate From Home: Virtual Birthday Party Ideas And Tips

With the unprecedented events around the globe right now, the little ones' worlds have been turned upside down with all the stuff around them being cancelled. No schools, no playgrounds, no play dates, and no parties...

Yet joy cannot be stopped! 

While days are extra tough these days, we believe it’s even more important to find cheer and happiness in life! There are still birthdays to be celebrated. Milestones to be marked. So don’t let those tough feelings ruin those special days!

Today we’re going to share some ideas to help celebrate your little one's birthday by holding a virtual birthday party at home - a party held online, at home that can still be shared with friends and families afar without missing out on important moments in life.Kids Safari Zoo Themed Party at Home During social distancing

Star Wars Virtual Party Ideas for BoysShelter in Place Birthday Party At home Ideas_Frozen Birthday Party

1. Choose Your Video Call App & Invite!

Technology has made it easy for getting everyone on screen. Use any of the below apps on your phone, tablet or computer to connect with the guests online.

  1. Facebook Messenger: allows free video calls if everyone has a Messenger account. Pro-tip: Facebook also has Portal, which is a video chat device that has a really rad camera to capture movements from the party! Check out all the features here. 
  2. Zoom: you’re probably familiar with Zoom uses in business but it’s getting very popular in the social distancing life these days. With the free version, it allows up to 100 people on a call with 40 mins time limit. So invite your neighbors, your grandma and her cats to the e-party to enjoy the fun! 
  3. Google Hangouts: allows free video calls if everyone has a Google account
  4. Facetime: its Group FaceTime option allows you to chat with up to 32 people at once. Note that this would only work if all the invitees have an Apple device to join the party.

Lastly, don’t forget to include a link for your invitees to join the virtual party in your e-invitation! Paperless has a great selection for virtual party invitation. Check it out here

2. Decorations 

While the scale of the party decorations doesn’t have to be huge due to a smaller size of the actual party, decorations on-screen can still really help your guests feel that fun vibe through the camera! Here are some simple decoration ideas that can help lift up the mood! 

  1. Foil Balloons: it’s probably the simplest idea to set the theme of a party. Whether it’s a foil balloon in a rocket shape, in a dinosaur shape or even a number balloon to mark that important milestone, bring it on-screen and let all your guests see it! Pro-tip: no helium? No problem! Fill up the balloon with air using a balloon hand pump and attach it to the wall with tapes to create a floating effect!Party-at-Home-Kids-Virtual-Birthday-Party-Foil-BalloonsParty At home Girls Party Jumbo Rose Gold Number 3 Foil Balloon
  2. Balloon Clouds: a show-stopper even for a virtual party! We offer different types of DIY balloon cloud kits on our shop which is a great and fun craft project for the whole family! Perfect to keep the little hands busy. :) Check out our step-by-step video tutorial here. Trust us, it’s a lot easier than you’d have thought. ;) Best thing is the balloon cloud lasts a few weeks so you can reuse them to decorate your little one’s room to keep them happy for days!Shelter in Place_Virtual Birthday Party Ideas_Kids Dinosaur Birthday Party at HomeSafe at home Shelter in Place Simple Kids Frozen Party At Home
  3. Garlands: add more flare to your on-screen decorations with all different kinds of pre-strung garlands. Simply attach it to the wall with tapes and create the perfect backdrop for your virtual party! Pro-tip: re-use the garland to decorate your kid’s room. How cool is that?!Shelter In Place Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Space Party At homeSafe at home Mini Banner Decorations for a Space Party at homeSpace Decorations at Home Virtual Birthday Party IdeasSafe at Home Shelter in Place Space Decorations for Kids Room
  4. Letter Banners: a perfect way to make a statement of your party. Whether it’s a milestone to mark or an encouraging message, let your party guests see it and feel it through the camera!Safe at home Kids Garden Party At Home Tips and IdeasSafe at Home Party At Home Letter Banner Decoration Ideas
  5. Accessories: Party HatsBlowers or even this adorable Happy Birthday Headband brings another level of fun to the party! They will definitely make the birthday boy/girl feel extra special!Safe at Home Celebrate at home Virtual Kid's Birthday Party Ideas Dress up and HatsCelebrate from Home Rose-It's-My-Birthday-Headband 

3. Food

While food may not play a crucial role in a virtual birthday party, having some simple cakes, cupcakes, cookies or even ice cream can really cheer up the kiddos! Whether it’s home baked or store-bought goodies, decorate them with cake toppers or cupcake toppers that they’d love. Have all the online guests sing happy birthday song together and make a big wish with these unique candles that we carry! Shelter in Place Safe at home Kids Mermaid-Party-At-Home IdeasParty at Home Virtual Birthday Party Ideas LETTERBOARD-CAKE-TOPPERSParty At home Dino_Dinosaur-Birthday-Candle-Set_on-cakeStay At home Party Ideas Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

4. Activities  

  1. Mask Filters: some of the apps, like Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts have camera filters or mask effects. It adds extra fun and goofiness to the virtual party and can really make the little ones giggle!Virtual Birhtday Party Ideas for Kids with Masks Photo Effects
  2. Coloring: find some themed coloring sheets and send them over to your little party guests so everyone can color together over the screen! Pro-tip: Daydream Society has a great selection of free coloring pages on their site. Choose the one that matches your party theme!Stay at Home Kids Coloring Activities Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

  3. Dress-up & pretend play: ask your little party guests to dress up for the theme and have a remote play date! Be it a princess party, a tea party or a superhero themed party, let them enjoy important life moments with their best friends and family!Party At Home Princess Party Crown and Tiara for Dress upParty at home ideas_Tea Party in the Backyard
  4. Tattoos: while it may not be possible for all the guests to have them in the virtual party, it's a great idea to make the birthday boy/girl feel extra special on their big day. Check out the tattoos that we carry. They're designed with non-toxic materials so are safe for the little hands!Stay at home birthday party ideas Butterfly-Party_flutter-temporary-tattoo
  5. Music & dance: lastly, don't forget to put on some happy tunes that match your party theme for everyone to wiggle and have a blast!   


We hope you enjoy these ideas of partying at home! Check out our collections and throw a fun celebration that your little one will love at home. Stay safe and stay healthy, friends!


Tai & Yao 


* Safari party image courtesy of Ashlee @millermyerandme

* Garden party images courtesy of Amy @pineandpoppyshop 



This tips are great and very useful!! Thank you!

Ana June 17, 2020

Hi! You’ve got so many great ideas here and I wanted to share a story with you about my son’s 4th birthday. We reached out to our local zoo (which is closed) and asked them to do an animal encounter! We needed up having a visit with Sumudra the baby elephant. It made for such a memorable birthday! I made a donation to the zoo for their efforts—it would’ve been spent on a completely unforgettable trip to Chuck E. Cheese anyway. A much better use of our money, a great way to delight my son and all our party goers, and it blessed the zoo that is struggling while they don’t have any revenues from ticket sales. I’m sure whenever your followers are located, there are non-profits that would be happy to make a special appearance at a Zoom birthday! ☺️

Kyla May 22, 2020

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